Darren Joint – Managing Director Viking Signs

“Paul has made a real impact on the importance of Twitter as part of our marketing strategy and customer engagement @VikingSigns. With the highly successful kick-start campaign which Paul has run for us, we’ve gained a strong following in the local business community on Twitter which we just weren’t reaching before. I would recommend both Twitter as a platform and Paul’s services wholeheartedly, for any business looking to find and engage with new customers.”

Allie Teague – YourOffice.org.co.uk

“Here at YourOffice one of the services we offer our clients is Social Media updating. With all the other Virtual Assistance services we provide, it’s not always easy to keep up-to-date ourselves, so finding Paul @PRwilsonmedia has been a windfall.

Through the training courses he has delivered to us, his social media expertise has enabled us to offer a better, more professional service. Paul explains everything very clearly and makes the sessions enjoyable. Not only that he is always available afterwards to offer help if required, which we find very helpful. “

Amie Leigh Claricoats –  One Events PR

“I have only recently started working with Paul and have to say that when it comes to social media and utilising these platforms for your business, he definitely knows what he is talking about. He took control of our Twitter account for two weeks and increased our followers by over 500; the Twitter users that he gained were relevant to our business and industry and from that we have gained a number of useful contacts for future events. We will definitely be using his services again, he comes highly recommended by One Events.”

Rosemary Richards – Festival Director GravityFields

“Stunning Social Media – Paul Wilson, social media guru, used every Newton angle imaginable to great effect. Starting from scratch in just 4 months he achieved an active, enthusiastic and complimentary Facebook audience and a following on Twitter in excess of 3500 people. Even more remarkable were the “influencer” ratings achieved as measured by the universally recognized social media tool Klout. Remarkably the Klout rating which peaked at 70 during the festival ,itself overtook and then rated consistently higher than long established and nationally recognised science and arts festivals”