Connecting the business community with social media

On Tuesday 17th June, I had the pleasure of co-presenting and hosting a practical workshop session on behalf of the Grantham Business club, with the theme of making social media work for your business. There were over 80 local business and community representatives in attendance , the largest gathering of the club for a number of years.

What was strikingly apparent was there was a real appetite amongst the members not only for learning practical social media tips and techniques that they could apply in their businesses, but also to be able to connect and support their fellow local businesses over social media. For me , that’s the real magic of social networking. It’s about connecting communities, bringing together groups who share a common interest and enabling them to build long term and valuable relationships.

I’m an active member of several networking groups within the Grantham area and across the East Midlands region, and I passionately believe that the best way to grow our businesses is to actively support each other. Over the last 2 years I’ve delivered a range of presentations , workshops and even online seminars to a number of regional business clubs in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, giving my time and expertise free of charge.   Please do get in touch if you would like me  to share the benefits and my best practice techniques to get the most out of social media for business with your club. Always happy to consider requests from further afield within the UK as long as my basic travel expenses can be covered.