Social Media success – 3 simple steps!

3 steps to social media success

A simple model for social media success!

Here’s a simple yet powerful model to help you and your business get the most out of social media. My 3 steps to social media success!

I speak with a lot of business owners who are struggling to get going with social media. They are usually very well aware of the potential benefits. They know it can help them reach new audiences and find new clients. They understand that being accessible on social media improves customer service and loyalty and enables them to gather valuable feedback and market intelligence. Perhaps, best of all, compared with traditional advertising, it offers a relatively low cost way to spread the word about what you do. But this stuff doesn’t come with instruction manuals and there are a confusing and seemingly endless array of platforms to choose from -Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin , Youtube , Instagram, Pinterest. Time is precious, distractions are everywhere, how do you make your voice heard in amongst the chattering millions online?

The good news is through my experience of working with business clients from a whole range of different sectors, I’ve developed a simple , repeatable, common-sense model that really can help you get more from social media and save time and money in the process.

Here are my 3 steps to social media success.


Step 1 Prepare

As soon as you’ve created any social media account, you need to take control of the information you are sharing and who you are sharing it with. Remember all social media platforms are open by default, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your account and privacy settings are set up how you want them. It should take an hour or two at most and really is time well spent.

The other key task of the Prepare stage is to make sure that you fully complete your profile -. Add a quality personal photo or company logo, write a clear and concise description of your business offering, add your website links. Don’t just sign up on half a dozen platforms and leave empty spaces. Remember your brand and your message needs to be consistent and visible to encourage others to connect with you.

Step 2 Build

This is all about being proactive in creating a targeted audience. Rather than rush straight into broadcasting on social media in the vain hope that the crowds will come flocking to you, first spend some time thinking about who it is that you are looking to connect with.

In my experience, the best platform to use to build an audience is Twitter. Its very simple – I follow you, you follow me back. Every user on Twitter can create lists of their favourite accounts. Typical list are local businesses, local media contacts , but they can also be quite specific – chip shops, jewellers, people in Newark. So Twitter Lists are a bit like the yellow pages. You find a relevant list and follow the members of the list. Follow 100 members (takes 10 minutes) on average 30% follow you back within 48 hours. Because you know they are relevant contacts to you, you’ve gained 30 followers who are far more likely to engage with you. If you passively wait for others to follow you, you will end up with a whole bunch of irrelevant accounts (and worse still some automated spam accounts) that just want you to follow them and aren’t remotely interested in what you do.

Step 3 Engage

This is all about getting your message across in the most effective way possible. Variety is key – a good mixture of photos, links to relevant website articles and pages, videos and presentations. At the same time it is important to actively participate and share the content of others, to be seen as a community contributor. That certainly doesn’t mean you need to spend hour after hour online, there are many free easy-to-use social media management tools that can help you schedule and target your updates to get the optimal results.

So there you have it –  3 simple steps to social media success. Remember to really engage effectively, you have to first take proper control of your set up (prepare) and getting your audience in place (build). Every stage is equally important and needs to be completed. Here’s to your Social media success