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I have a proven track record in building targeted audiences and providing hands-on practical training in all of the major social media platforms. Together with my extensive content marketing and ongoing campaign experience, I can offer a complete end-to-end and fully customizable range of services to each and every business and community organization out there.

My focus is very much on helping businesses to get the most out of social media, giving them best practice techniques that ensure they stay on track without wasting valuable time and resources. I regularly share tips, tools , strategies and tutorials delivering proven ways to market your business on social media.


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Here at YourOffice one of the services we offer our clients is Social Media updating. With all the other Virtual Assistance services we provide, it’s not always easy to keep up-to-date ourselves, so finding Paul @PRwilsonmedia has been a windfall.

 – Allie Teague – YourOffice.org.co.uk